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2012,Time Released Sound

When the Kleefstra Bros jumped into the Landscape Studio with Sytze Pruiksma for one afternoon of instant composing, which lead to Deislieper, it was so much fun that they jumped into the studio again the very next day. Along with them jumped Christiaan Kuitwaard on guitar and another productive afternoon of improvisation it was. From the various pieces recorded the quartet selected five to put together an album. This album is out now. A special limited release called Sinneplakken.

Sinneplakken is released as a double 3-inch cd in a chocolate brown box by Time Released Sound. In the box are also two bags of East Frisian Tea. There's even some soil from the Wadden Sea inside! The chocolate box series is already sold out, but it's also available to order in the 5 inch replicated picture sleeve version through the label, so get it while you can.
It's pretty hard to discribe Sinneplakken. It is shurely different from Deislieper and our other recordings. It varies very much from a kind of rhythmic, krautrock-ish instrumental to a more familiar dark ambient to a minimal track with not much more than an Indian organ to harsh feedback drones.